crystal heart productions: EDUCATION!


Crystal Heart Productions was founded by a music teacher.  With an educator at the helm our mission has always and forever will be to provide good, clean, quality fun to our clientele.

It is our honor and pleasure to unveil our new publication by Debbie Degenhardt  “Literacy Through Music - a Cross-Curricular Reference.”  In it you will find teaching materials which can be utilized in both the General Music Classroom and the Regular Classroom.  The intertwining of musical concepts partnered with those from first and second grade language arts is perfect for a cooperative effort between music teachers and their regular classroom counterparts.  It’s Common Core TO the core!

Parents, Principals, Colleagues and Administrators are sure to swell with pride at how the children utilize these catchy tunes as strategies.  Strategies for remembering rules for spelling, rhyming, and developing other important skills in the world of language acquisition and phonemic awareness.


welcome to our education section!

“It was great!  During the test we were worried the kids didn’t learn a particular concept, but when they got to that section, they began to hum the tune to remind themselves!” 

Laura Cinicola,

Second Grade Teacher